OHTSU - 275/40ZR19 FP8000 101W 27.9 2754019 tires

Item: F30483903
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275/40ZR19 FP8000 101W 27.9 2754019

$ 155.00ea. $ 620.00set.

All Season HP tires

OHTSU FP8000 PERFORMANCE TIRES Aggressive directional tread design with phase-shifted random pitch variation allowing for maximum noise reduction. A dual tread compound coupled with three-dimensional rounded tread blocks TIre Brand: OHTSU PartNo: F30483903 Tire Size: 275/40-19 Tire Description: 275/40ZR19 FP8000 101W 27.9 2754019 Tire Size Description: 275/40ZR19 Speed Rating: W UPC: 8.77184E+11 Tire Model: FP8000 Load Index: 101 PSI: 0 StgItem: 0 EMarked: 0 Section Width: 275 Profile: 40 Rim Diameter: 19 Weight: 32.64 Tire Diameter: 27.84 Tire Diameter: 0 Min Width In: 9 Max Width In: 11