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Avoid Aftermarket Wheel Fitment Issues

How To Avoid Wheel Fitment Issues When You Have Big Brakes System Installed On Your Car!

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How To Avoid Wheel Fitment Issues When You Have Sports Brakes System Installed On Your Car!

There is really no faster or more effective way of customizing your vehicle’s appearance other than by changing the wheels. We know how passionate you are about your ride and how great you want it to look. You already know that upgrading from stock wheels to custom aftermarket wheels should be the easiest and faster way to achieve your goal.

You have made your mind, and custom aftermarket wheels are the way to go. Great! - The only thing on your way now is the Big Brake Calipers, and you don’t even know it.

You have to take into account the size of your calipers. Most people have knowledge of big brakes system installed to their vehicle but, if you are not sure, we strongly recommend that you find out before you make your wheel purchase.

Problems you may have:

You did check for your brakes and you realized that they are big, and even on your stock wheel the clearance is minimum, and it’s just a few millimeters away from touching it.   

Now you know for sure, if you buy an aftermarket wheel of the same size as the stock wheel that you have, you will experience a fitment issue for sure.

The most common cars to have huge big brakes calipers from factory are vehicles with lots of horsepowers.  Fast and powerful cars are guaranteed to have big caliper brakes.

Mercedes Benz AMG type, Corvette, Ferrari, Lamborghini, BMW M-series, Mustangs GTs and others, Camaro SS, Porsches, and the list goes on…  


1 – If you have big brake calipers, the first and sure way to prevent fitment issues is to upgrade your wheel size.

2 – You need to inform the person the person you are buying your wheels from. They need to know about the brakes on your car. The brake information is crucial in order to determine the minimum wheel size for your upgrade, also to determine how low the offset should be.

Standard offset wheels often don't provide the necessary clearance for big brakes, and that’s why it’s common to use a lower offset other than what wheel manufacturer recommends.

3 – Depending on how big your calipers are, you may have to change the wheel design or style that you have in mind. In 99% of the cases, deep-dish wheel style will not clear for the big brake calipers. If that’s the case, you will have to determine whether to keep the original stock wheels or upgrade to a bigger concave aftermarket wheel style.

4 – Building a wheel from scratch is also a solution, often an expensive solution depending on the type of car that you have.

TIP: Always test fit your brand new wheels before doing any work to them. If you are going to a local tire shop to get your tires installed to your brand new aftermarket custom wheels, have them Test Fit the wheels first.