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Buy your fuel maverick, fuel hostage, fuel vapor, fuel beast, and all 4x4 truck rims for the best price. Also, black rhino wheels armory, off road rims financing & cheap off road tires.

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Truck wheels & 4x4 truck rims.

When you buy off-road wheel packages from us, whether it's for a truck or a Jeep application you are buying from the best in the industry.

The best 5 Off Road wheels in the market today are from the following brands:

Moto Metal,

Fuel wheels,

Monster Off Road

XD Series wheels,

RBP wheels,

The Best Tire Brands For Off Road Are:

After you have selected the wheel of choice, just go to our tire section and select from NITTO or FALKEN. These 2 tire brands are phenomenal and you won’t be sorry. Falken tire has the amazing AT Wild Peak Series and Nitto has the amazing Grapplers and more. Off road tires (AT/MT) could be very costly but here on our website we have made them really affordable. They are FREE shipping and the price is basically at cost. Take advantage of our tire price today.

Falken Tires

Nitto Tire


Ride On Rims flaunts top quality tire and wheels made from modern wheel designs and technologies for jeeps and truck owners. With a wide collection of off-road rims and tire packages, you are sure to go rough and dirty any time any day, setting the footprints that suit you. No one would cheerfully want to fit the right tire with the wrong wheel. Having been in the industry with a long list of satisfied clients, we offer matching wheels and tires to give you maximum off-roading experience with the right application.

Your off-road vehicle deserves an upgrade! Check out our wide range of tire and wheel collections to see that which suits your vehicle and meets your style. Ride On Rims is a name trusted for quality and modern trending wheels designs; we bring to you, tire and wheel packages that are from main off-road brands, names that are reputable and highly-respected in the industry such as Moto Metal wheels, Fuel wheels, Monster off-road wheels, XD Series and many more.

Buy your off-road wheels and tire package today. Order online or call 888-220-0484!