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We are the wheel and tires financing near you!

Get The Rims You Need with Financing

techguide_image_we are the wheel and tires financing near you!

Looking for a new set of rims and tires but don’t have the money to cover the cost upfront? At, we make financing your dream wheels simple and hassle-free. We offer 100 days, same as cash deals, 12 to 24-month terms, and loan approval that is not based on your credit score but on your proven ability to repay the loan. Plus, our rims wheels for sale are priced to fit any budget! Let’s break down how our financing process works.

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1. The Financing Process at
At, you can finance your purchase without worrying about your credit score or the long application process. Our financing program is designed with you in mind—meaning it’s fast and straightforward so you can get the wheels you need in no time! It all starts with applying online or over the phone—fill out our short form and provide some basic information about yourself, including an estimate of your income and monthly expenses. You will get an immediate answer so you know right away if you qualify for financing at

Once approved, you have access to a variety of payment options that fit within your budget—including 100 days same as cash deals as well as 12-24 month terms so that you can spread out your payments over a longer period of time if needed without additional fees or interest charges added on top of the price of the product itself. All we require is that you make consistent payments in order to stay current on the loan agreement; this allows us to offer flexible payment terms without requiring a credit check!

2. Our Variety of Rims Wheels for Sale
At, we carry rims wheels for sale at prices that can fit any budget—whether you’re looking for luxury wheels or something more affordable. Plus, when it comes to purchasing rims near me finance, there’s no need to worry because our financing programs make it easy and convenient with low monthly payments and no interest charges attached if paid off by the due date! You can choose from a variety of styles ranging from classic chrome designs all the way up to modern monoblock designs featuring intricate details like cutouts and concave profiles that provide visual appeal as well as improved performance characteristics like increased traction control and better weight distribution across each wheel surface area while driving down the road!

At, we want everyone who visits us to drive away with their dream set of rims and tires, regardless of their financial situation or credit score! That’s why we offer flexible financing through 12-24 month terms with no interest charges attached if paid off by the due date! And with our selection of rims wheels for sale at prices that fit any budget paired along with fast turnaround times on applications for loans—Rideonrims makes getting those perfect wheels easy and hassle-free! So why wait? Visit us today to get started on finding those perfect rims finance near you today!