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Wheel Package for 1976 Ford F-100

Are you seeking wheels for your Ford F100 or F-100 truck? - We have it all. 16, 17, 18, 20, or bigger rims wheels with perfect fitment or adapted. Wheel packages for F100 done right.

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Look at this beauty. 1976 Ford F-100 Truck on Foose Legend Rims.

This wheel and tire package came out just great. Mr. Taylor is a very happy camper!


Truck Bolt Pattern:5x5.5 (5x139.7)
Truck Offset Range:-20 to 20
Truck Wheel Size Range:15x7.0 to 22x9.0

Custom built adapters to precisely fit the truck and wheel specs - Hub-centric. 5x139 / 5x120.

Front wheels are 18x8 Foose Legends Chrome 5x120 Bolt Pattern

Rear wheels are 20x10 Foose Legends Chrome 5x120 Bolt Pattern

Front Tires are 255/55-R18 perfectly fit, NO RUBBING.

Rear Tires are 275/45-R20 perfectly fit. NO RUBBING. 

foose legend f105 chrome

Would you like to improve the appearance of your F100 with some nice shocking rims? You came to the right place. Here we do it all.  We built the custom adapters that you may need depending upon the rims style you choose. We have done hundreds of wheel packages for Ford F100 pickup trucks and we are sure we can help you with your next project as well.

To this particular featured F100, we built the adapters to fit precisely to the 83mm hub of the truck. The truck, of course, was original from factory. We also made sure to built the adapters to fit hub-centric to the wheel hub, bolt pattern and offset. The adapters once installed on the truck are not going anywhere. Other shops, especially chain such as Tire Kingdom, Firestone, Discount tires and many others tend to scare customers wrongly advising customers against wheel spacers and adapters. But the fact is, they either lack knowledge or simply try to offer customers straight fitment wheels so they don't have to go the extra mile for their customers. Of course, if you try to buy adapters off the shelve somewhere that are not hub-centric cut for the truck and wheels which you are going to use you'll probably run into some issues. If you'd like a project done right, give us a call.

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