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How to buy rims wheels online


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Welcome to the future! - Who would have thought that buying wheels and tires for any vehicle would be so easy and simple? 

Yes, we did it! - We have made it so simple that you can literally do it from the comfort of your home or on your way to work. Think about it, ins't this amazing? - By only spending few minutes of your precious time you can literally complete a task that would have taken your entire weekend, if done the old fashion way. Yes, we are right. Welcome to the future!

We are living in the era of smart phone and internet is available everywhere we go. Nowadays, owning a smart phone it’s really the coolest thing to own, few years back everybody wanted to own a laptop, and it was really the greatest thing to have but in todays digital world the smart phones and tablets literally puts you in touch with the whole world with just a single click.

Pictures, videos and all sorts of information runs freely all across the internet and it's accessible to everyone. It does not matter what kind of passion you have, if you look for it, you are going to find all the information you need.

The internet and the smart phone devices for sure have changed our world, and for all the car enthusiasts around the globe it just got better and better. Back in the days you'd really had to rely on the mechanic shop in your neighborhood, or on the wheel store around the corner to get your wheels and tires or suspension hardware done for you. Thank God those days are over!

You literally had to save time, make lots of phone calls and make appointments to bring your car over to a shop and wait there for few hours while your vehicle got ready. For many people that was a lovely thing to do but for some other people it was just a waste of time.

As the entire world runs into a rush and people has realized that “their time” is not something they want to waste at all, the internet has become their refuge. The online retail has grown tremendously and it still has a lot to grow. Like many other retailers Ride-On-Rims has understood that. We understood that your time is valuable, and if we could save you time, money and still deliver the products that you are looking for, we are in the right business.

SEMA has registered the growth of the wheel aftermarket wheel industry year after year, and it’s no joke that customers nationwide has begun to choose the online stores to buy the aftermarket wheels, tires and suspensions. With that in mind, Ride on Rims has designed this super easy website to make your purchase even more satisfying.

At Ride On Rims you’ll find the best wheels of the aftermarket industry, we have all the major brands of the custom wheel industry gathered just for you. No matter if your vehicle is from 1949 or from 2018, you’ll find what you looking for in our website, and if by any chance you can’t find what you are looking for, just right an email to us and we will respond to you ASAP, because we are committed to our customers. 

Below is the step-by-step on how to place an online order at

1 – First you go to and you will see a big banner across the page which says: START YOUR ORDER HERE!

Why this is so important: The reason why this step it’s very important is because on every single wheel order we offer a fitment guarantee, and the only way to measure that fitment guarantee is to know what vehicle you are buying the wheels for.

buy wheels and tires online

When you enter the year make and model of your vehicle into our website, it will then search for the best wheel fitment available for that vehicle you’ve entered, furthermore, it will show you only the wheels that we know would best fit your car. Isn’t this a great tool?

Our experience ranges over 20 years of combined experience and along all these years we have seen lots of unexperienced customers trying to buy wheels that are not the correct fitment for their vehicle. Well, at we will not let that happen.

As you can see on the picture above, the vehicle selected is 2014 Buick La Crosse and the wheels shown are all perfect fitment for it. We guarantee it!

Now that you have this great selection of wheel, all you have to do is to browse through the website and its filters in order to find the color, size, and style of wheels or rims you think matches your taste.

At we have over 50 thousand fitments available, not including the blank wheels we have access to that we can custom drill and cut or shave the offset in order to fit your car.

custom wheels rims

As you click on the wheel which you like and want to know more information about it, our website loads the wheel page for you. As you can see on the picture above the name and model of the wheels is displayed for you right above the wheel picture, right on the right you can also see the vehicle’s year, make and model again just for assurance that you are buying for the vehicle you own or intend to buy for. If by any change, the vehicle displayed is not the right vehicle, you can simply click on “change vehicle” and you are able to complete the change of vehicle once again.

The next step is to choose the wheel size. Right under “Pick your wheel size here” button you’ll see all sizes available for that wheel model that will fit the vehicle in the search. As you flip from size to size it also displays each size price for you.

One of the most frequent questions we hear in this industry is: Will it fit my car?

Answer: Well, if you have follow the steps properly then, yes. It will fit your car. We’ll not ship wheels that does not fit your vehicle. Part of our policy guarantee is, if wheels does not fit, we’ll take back and replace it or refund your money.

Our return and fitment policy right there, right below the “BUY NOW” button. We want you to read it.

Please, do not hesitate to ready our Fitment and Return Policy, it’s very informative.

Now you are ready to complete your purchase. Just click BUY NOW!

rideonrims shopping cart

This is the most simple, clean and easy shopping cart. It could not be easier!

Once again, at the top of the shopping cart header you will see the Vehicle’s year make and model as a one more time assurance that you are buying wheels for the right vehicle.

As you are in the shopping cart ready to finalize your purchase, Don’t Forget to look for our coupon section right next to the total. Enter the coupon available at the time and SAVE MONEY while purchasing. Isn’t that amazing!

Now you can just check out, complete your payment and wait for your wheels to arrive at your door-step within 3 to 5 business days. Buying from us is easy and simple!

Enjoy, have fun. Happy purchase!