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XIX Exotic Alloys is an internationally known wheel company famous for manufacturing high-end wheels since 1990. All XIX stainless steel chrome lip series wheels and the concave series wheels are manufactured to exceed the TUV and SFI standards by using the best TUV certified manufacturing factories that follow the strictest German OEM manufacturing standards. Image All XIX Wheels are powder coated with a 7 coat pre-treatment stage and 9 coat finishing stage to last, and appear flawless even when exposed to the most cruel road conditions; in comparison, most of the aftermarket wheels currently sold in the United States are coated with an inexpensive lacquer paint to cut down on the cost. In addition to a very durable finish, XIX Wheels was one of the first in the industry to offer a 5" stainless steel chrome lip. The "Deep-Lip" stainless steel chrome lip series wheels offer a true stainless steel chrome lip instead of a polished stainless steel lip that other wheel companies use. XIX Wheels was one the first companies in the industry to create staggered wheels. Staggered wheels have become the most popular style of wheels ever created. The Staggered Wheel look is achieved by staggering the width and sometimes diameter of the front and rear wheels.

You have selected a nice chrome finish wheel for your vehicle. Chrome wheels are the best option for those in love with that bright flash that only chrome finish can give you. Whether you love chrome finish wheels or are just trying to make your wheels match up the chrome trims of your car, you will not be sorry when adding a nice spunky chrome finish wheel to your car. Easy to clean, just water and soap is enough to do the job.